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About Us

Our company was born of collaboration and a shared desire to do whatever we
could to rid the world of
plastic waste.

We are a team of engineers and developers at
the top of our game in the expanded materials
industry who joined forces with a group of
visionary, packaging experts.
Who We Are

We are a solutions providers, producing quality
expanded materials and compostable packaging to
solve today's complex problems.

Our Core Competency

Treplar's core capability is to produce innovative expanded materials with high functionality attributes, which are designed to solve complex problems.

Our Mission

To create sustainable solutions that contribute to our planet’s and its inhabitants’ wellbeing.

Our Vision

We aim to be a global leader and preferred partner in innovating, manufacturing, and distributing sustainable, eco-friendly products.

Our Culture

We love what we do. Our culture is diverse, inclusive, positive, and growth-minded. We come together over a shared passion for the environment and the joy of knowing we have the tools and support to do something about it.

What We Do

We leverage novel production technologies and almost prescient industry knowledge to develop our line of sustainable, high-performance packaging solutions.
Innovation is in our DNA.

We offer the market an easy and affordable solution by introducing sustainable packaging options that improve performance and are price competitive.

As the world navigates the rapidly approaching deadlines to stop using PS and other hard-to-recycle single-use plastics, Treplar is ready to support. Our elite solutions, superior customer service, and ongoing commitment to packaging innovation carry us to a brighter tomorrow.