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PS Foam is the Problem.

XPET™ is the Solution.

Single-use plastic bans is gaining momentum, and the foodservice industry needs more sustainable, reliable, and economical optionsto carry them into the future.

Expanded PET (XPET™) is a viable, planet-friendly alternative you can feel good about. Manufactured in the U.S., our products are lightweight, stronger than polystyrene foam, and made with 100% recycle-ready PET.

What is XPET™?

The XPET™ solution

Expanded PET (XPET™) is an innovative packaging material made with a monolayer PET structure, providing a sustainable solution to hard-to-recycle polystyrene (PS) trays.

The Benefits of XPET


Made from PET, the most recycled resin in the U.S.

Contains 30-50%  less resin than clear PET trays

Monolayer structure,
meaning it is

Our trays are made from 40% recycled content

Provides seamless transition from foamed PS

Soon to be made from 100% PCR resin content

The Value XPET™

A viable solution for your sustainability goals.


XPET™ trays are successfully and commercially used in the U.S. market. We currently have capacity to accept new projects.


XPET™ is made from 100% PET, the most recycled resin in the U.S. Styrofoam is not recyclable and does not break down in landfills, hence the growing ban to curtail its use in single-use applications.


XPET™ trays are the most economical alternative to non-sustainable products.

Weight and Density

Lightweight monolayer XPET™ is comparable in density to foamed PS—lighter weight reduces fuel consumption during transport.


XPET™ protects package contents from damage and leakage caused by tears on trays. PS trays break and tear easily and can be ripped or destroyed when passing through packaging equipment.


Food processor-grade XPET™ trays are suitable for meats, fish, seafood, vegetable, and prepared foods.

Forging Pathways
to a Greener Future


Low-density XPET™ reduces plastic use with superior lightweight food tray solutions.


XPET™ is made with 40% recycled PET resin, as we work toward
100% PCR content.


XPET™ is made from PET, the most recycled resin in the U.S.