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For quality, service, and forward-looking innovation, Treplar leads the pack.

Single-use plastic products made from Styrofoam are expected to be banned throughout the United States. As the world searches for better, kinder, more sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic packaging, we’re providing products designed to ease the transition to a green, sustainable, circular economy.

XPET™ is a lightweight, expanded monolayer product. Lower density means less plastic per tray, lower cost, and less waste in our landfills. We serve major US food and meat producers, retail, and grocery chains, who rely on us to help them reduce costs as they switch to more sustainable packaging choices.

Processor Trays

Sustainable XPET™ Processor Trays.

Processor trays require high-performing materials due to the range of temperatures and applications they are  required to endure. Suitable for frozen foods, prepared meals, meat, fish, seafood, food retail, and hospitality applications, Treplar processor trays help extend the life and maintain the integrity of your products from production to end use.

Our XPET™ processor trays are made from PET. By expanding PET, we reduce the density of the material and make it lighter, resulting in processor trays that are stronger and more tear-resistant than PS, just as lightweight, and better for the environment.

Food Retailer Trays

Our retail store trays come in a wide range of sizes and compartmented designs to suit just about any food service application.

  • Meat
  • Fish & seafood
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Salads
  • Ready meals
  • Case-ready
  • Various depths
  • Top sealable
Take Away Boxes

Choose from various takeout box sizes and styles made of XPET™, a sustainable alternative to PS and PP plastics.

  • Water and grease resistant
  • Maintains integrity in hot, cold, and wet applications
  • XPET™ boxes are recycle-ready

Our XPET™ plates are strong, lightweight, and ideal for catering and many fast-service food applications. Hot or cold, Treplar XPET™ delivers superior performance and value.

  • Several sizes to suit your needs
  • Commercial and consumer use
  • Excellent value
    and durability
Compostable Trays

Our products do not leave any microplastic residue after composting.

Coming Soon

Treplar compostable trays are made from highly engineered materials that can decompose and break apart easily. These materials contain a renewable and regrowable organic part.

​Choose from a range of sizes, compartmented, and clamshell trays ideal for takeout meals, catering, lunch trays, prepared foods, meat, produce, and many specialized foodservice and retail applications.